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How do we do what we do?

From conversation to idea

We always start with a good conversation, where we listen to your wishes and determine the purpose and story of the video together. Here we advise on style, form and which filming techniques to use. We also advise on how and where the video can best be used, with measurable goals in mind.

The result is a beautiful script in word and image. This forms the basis for the further production of the film. In some cases it is useful to also create a storyboard, so that we can visualize the whole process even better.


Let us convert your vision into a unique and professional video that effectively conveys your message!

Light, sound, camera - ACTION!

Filming a day is always exciting. Thanks to good pre-production, we are optimally prepared and we can focus on making beautiful images that match the goal and the message laid down in the script. Thorough use of light and shadow is essential. We therefore always illuminate a set with lamps and reflection screens, so that the subject is well lit.


Quality is paramount to us, which is why we record sound with professional microphones to record as little ambient noise as possible.

And if it doesn't look right the first time, we'll just do another take!


Everything comes together here

After filming, the real work begins: the post-processing. Here the images are edited into a flowing story, where we apply color correction and color grading for a specific and unique look.

This way we ensure that your video stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

But post-processing goes further than that. The sound is just as important as the image, which is why we provide a perfect mix of voice-over, music and any sound effects.

And to complete the video, where necessary, we add graphic elements that match your video house style.

What's in it?

We determined in advance how and where the film will be used, such as LinkedIn, Tiktok or Instagram, in various formats and lengths.


Whether you want to increase brand awareness, drive acquisition, establish yourself as an expert or convince stakeholders, our videos can be tailored to your specific goals. We can also create special teasers of a few seconds that will get the right viewers to click through to watch the full movie.

With our professionally made videos you have the perfect marketing tool to get your message across. Whether you run a small business or manage a large company, our films are indispensable in today's world of marketing and communication.

Invest in a top quality movie today and increase your online presence and reach!

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